London Blvd Print Design

I love print design, pure and simple. The texture of paper, having a finished  art piece in hand, and the permanence of a printed work adequately describe why I love doing what I do. With so much screen technology available at our fingertips, I always find myself wanting to sit in a library surrounded by books, reading a real book with paper pages or walking through an art museum with timeless pieces created by truly talented and dedicated artists. Print design and photography are what I love to do. Watch here for what I’m designing next!

(You can see more and purchase my designs here:


Recently I was featured on a website and sold a whole bunch of my custom name prints! One customer was kind enough to take photos of how she displayed her prints in her home. Take a look – they look great 🙂

In Home Prints Display

Recently I’ve been working on these customizable prints and the response has been amazing! I was first featured on Very Jane, and in about a week andRuby will be featuring them as well. I’m very excited for it. It’s always a good feeling to see your work online!

Custom Print_Model Photo

Custom Prints_Mustache and M

March 2013

Happy Easter Print

ElephantPrint_Final BicyclePrint_Final

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