Kamryn 1-year Birthday Woodland Shoot

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Summer Minis! Back in Utah special

Hey Salt Lake City, Provo, and Bountiful!

I’m back in Utah, and I’m offering an awesome deal on children’s photos booked in July and August. It’s even better than my Mommy and Me special I offered in Spokane. It’s a little more time and includes a complimentary 5×7 professionally printed – choose your fave photo! Any outdoor location is game! Can’t wait to see you 🙂

Summer Minis Ad

Sidekick in the Park

When I take photos of my mini sidekick baby girl, I feel like each image has meaning to me. It’s more than composition or color, but rather that I look at a little girl that I love with all my heart and I recognize each facial expression and mannerism, and they are all special to me. Even though she’s in the phase where trying to get her to look at me results in even less cooperation, that’s who she is right now and I wish she could always be little.


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Ellie and Hollie

These two little girls are so sweet! The younger one, Hollie, is about 1 and she has the most amazing hair (my daughter barely has any so I am naturally a little envious 🙂 ). This was a beautiful day for a photoshoot, and I’m so glad I got to spend some time with them before we moved from Spokane. Can you find any two sisters who are more adorable?

Cox Girls 2013_78

Cox Girls 2013_25

Cox Girls 2013_28

Cox Girls 2013_23 Cox Girls 2013_35

Cox Girls 2013_18 Cox Girls 2013_38

Cox Girls 2013_5 Cox Girls 2013_42

Cox Girls 2013_4 Cox Girls 2013_43 Cox Girls 2013_56 Cox Girls 2013_59 Cox Girls 2013_70 Cox Girls 2013_81