Has it already been 6 years???

Holy smokes, I finally came to my website to edit it and make it into something newer, fresher, to put my heart and soul into actually having this site – and realized my last post was 6 years ago! Oh, I’ve been plenty busy – with photography, with kids, getting through a pandemic along with the rest of you – and even just moved to a new city. Which, actually, this move is the second move since I last posted, if that says anything.

I have a lot of building and sharing to do, and I’m so excited for it! If you’re visiting while I’m busy building the next phase of this website, consider stopping by my Instagram – @heatheranncreates – and I’ll be launching bigger and better things soon 🙂

Love always,



Brown Family – Utah Lake

I always tell my husband we need to live near the beach. In Utah, this is as close to a beach as we get, and honestly it is so beautiful with all the mountains around it. This family is also my own – my aunt Kelli was like a sister to me when I was a little girl and continues to be an example of the kind of person I strive to be. And this family is adorable! This was an incredibly fun photoshoot. Thank you Brown family!


Anna + Mitch

Loved this May wedding! There was just a tiny bit of rain, and the clouds made the lighting perfect. I love seeing people get married that have been in my life in the past, and we used to live right near the bride and her family just a few years ago. Anna is a remarkable woman and she definitely found her match. Congrats you two!