Jodi and Tate

Jodi and Tate were a wonderful couple! I loved their choice of downtown Ogden for their engagement shoot, which had an old industrial feel. Jodi’s bridals were shot at Hotel Monaco in downtown SLC. This hotel is absolutely beautiful and has lush and furnishings and a lavish atmosphere. We traveled up to Logan to the LDS temple there and then to Chantilly Mansion in Layton for their reception. Jodi had a real sense of beauty and elegance and it shows through in the venues she chose for their big day.

3rd camera52_small


3rd camera31_small








One thought on “Jodi and Tate

  1. Wow! These are really good! I like the editing and the location? Where were these taken? Someone told me that you sometimes take payments in the form of ice cream. Is that true?

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