Engagement Photoshoot Prep

You’re (finally) engaged, your engagement session has been booked with the photographer, and it’s time to prepare. Questions that run through your mind may include “What do I wear” or “How much makeup do I need?”,  and a good photographer will have the answers to them and more. This is what we do! We not only work behind the camera, but give advice on what to do in front of it to make your photos a smashing success.

Talk to your photographer about possible locations. If time permits, I like to shoot at two general areas. For example, my most recent engagement shoot took place at the State Capitol building for the more formal photos and then at the Great Salt Lake for more laid back. Let your photographer know your personal style and see what they might suggest if you aren’t sure where you’d like to go.

One of the most common questions is what to wear. I encourage a change of clothes – usually one more casual and the other dressy. This of course depends on the locations you’ve chosen. Avoid the decision to wear khakis and a black shirt. This is BORING. Yes, it is neutral and can go with almost anything, but does nothing to make for an interesting photo. This clothing decision is best left to late 1990’s family photos.

Choose colors that compliment your skin and your hair, and look for a special item that will add extra interest to the photo. One bridal shoot I did is a great example of this. The bride had zebra print as a big theme in her wedding and had zebra print shoes and her fiance wore a zebra print tie. I loved it! It really made their photos stand out. 

As for makeup, good makeup goes a long way! If you don’t feel confident in applying your own cosmetics, ask someone who is a talented makeup artist to do it for you. If you are considering fake eyelashes, they can help or hinder your photo – long lashes always look beautiful, as long as they appear natural! 

Make sure you have extra bobby pins, lip gloss, a water bottle (it’s amazing how posing for a camera makes you thirsty!), hair spray, and a snack. 

Engagement shoots are a lot of fun. Dress to impress – you’ve been waiting a long time to have these special photos taken. Enjoy your day!


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