Hey Jude

This little guy is so cute! He is my daughter’s little buddy, and I can only dream of the day when she has hair as long as his. This session was a lot of fun, and it was great to have my new intern there, too. Thanks to Jude and Kellie for spending the afternoon with us!

JudeOneYearOldPhotos_9BW_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_13_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_15_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_16_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_31_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_33_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_44BW_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_48bw_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_51_blog JudeOneYearOldPhotos_60_blog


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