Ellie and Hollie

These two little girls are so sweet! The younger one, Hollie, is about 1 and she has the most amazing hair (my daughter barely has any so I am naturally a little envious 🙂 ). This was a beautiful day for a photoshoot, and I’m so glad I got to spend some time with them before we moved from Spokane. Can you find any two sisters who are more adorable?

Cox Girls 2013_78

Cox Girls 2013_25

Cox Girls 2013_28

Cox Girls 2013_23 Cox Girls 2013_35

Cox Girls 2013_18 Cox Girls 2013_38

Cox Girls 2013_5 Cox Girls 2013_42

Cox Girls 2013_4 Cox Girls 2013_43 Cox Girls 2013_56 Cox Girls 2013_59 Cox Girls 2013_70 Cox Girls 2013_81


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