Anna + Mitch

Loved this May wedding! There was just a tiny bit of rain, and the clouds made the lighting perfect. I love seeing people get married that have been in my life in the past, and we used to live right near the bride and her family just a few years ago. Anna is a remarkable woman and […]

Nat and Garrett

A week ago we went on a vacation to see our families and I was able to take Nat and Garrett’s photos. It was a lot of fun. I was crazy about Garrett’s knit tie. It was super cool. They are a gorgeous couple and I love them both a lot. I’m so lucky to […]

Finding the Golden Location

As a photographer, I love to be inspired by looking around to see what the industry is doing. I also look through local photographer’s blogs to see what they are working on, and I often find myself thinking, “I know where that is – I did a photo shoot there just a month ago.” There […]