Nat and Garrett

A week ago we went on a vacation to see our families and I was able to take Nat and Garrett’s photos. It was a lot of fun. I was crazy about Garrett’s knit tie. It was super cool. They are a gorgeous couple and I love them both a lot. I’m so lucky to have the most sweet and beautiful sis around!NatandGarrett_Engagements_3_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_4_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_5_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_6_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_7_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_8_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_9_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_10_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_11_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_12_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_13_BLOG NatandGarrett_Engagements_14_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_blog copyNatandGarrett_Engagements_2_blog NatandGarrett_Engagements_1_blog


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